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Outstanding Educator Nomination Form 2021


The annual Outstanding Educator Award has been established to recognize one educator (teacher, administrator, counselor, school nurse, or speech pathologist) from each elementary and secondary building who exemplifies excellence.  Recommendations should address qualities in relationship to the following guidelines:

- Instructional ability and/or accomplished education in diverse areas, including characteristics such as good classroom/clinic/school management, providing prompt feedback to students, and setting high expectations for herself/himself and for others.

- Professional attributes, which include characteristics such as continuing to seek professional growth activities and updating educational knowledge; sharing newly acquired knowledge with professional peers; and pride in their students’ accomplishments.

- Humanistic qualities, which include characteristics such as demonstrating flexibility related to student needs, encouraging acceptance of self and others, and maintaining high morale among students.

- Community involvement, which includes characteristics such as making a conscientious effort to become involved in extracurricular activities and community activities, and exhibiting strong school pride and spirit.


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