New Communication Tool

Hello Beavercreek Families,

Beavercreek City Schools are now using The Education Connection for messaging to our families and staff. Locally based with an outstanding reputation for reliability and service, The Education Connection specializes in working with school districts like ours. From this point forward, phone calls, email messages, and text messages will be sent through the platform created and maintained by The Education Connection.

It is important to remember that the phone number and email address of a student’s primary contact will be used for communication in non-emergency situations. In an emergency, we will use every available phone number and email address you have provided to us. The data from your completed OneView online parent forms are used to determine what information we will use in a given situation. If you want to change the information in your OneView forms, you may do so here.

Our district has stopped using the Sangha platform for any communication needs. This was forced upon us after sudden notification that Sangha was no longer a supported service and would be dropped by our current website provider. If you have used the Sangha app in the past, you may uninstall it from your devices. You will no longer receive daily updates, alerts, or calendar notices via the Sangha platform.

We will continue to communicate any new developments concerning district communication as necessary. If you have additional questions, please click here, thank you.