Our School Nurses

Our district currently provides a nurse presence in all of our schools.  You will see a listing of 2 nurses per building, with 1 assigned to a building at any given time. 5 of our nurses are licensed school nurses via the Ohio Department of Education, and each LSN typically covers 2 to 3 buildings, with a physical presence at multiple buildings in a typical school year. We have 8 RN’s in classified positions due to cover the clinics on the other days, due to the fact that the clinics need daily coverage to meet students’ health care needs.
You’ve probably seen or heard this year we do a lot more than just provide ice packs and bandaids.  Much of our job is to provide health education or referrals/resources to families.  This year, due to the pandemic, we have spent MANY minutes during our working day talking to families to provide guidance on quarantine protocols.

While we work in a school our job is much different than that of other staff in the building. Here is a little information on what all we take care of during our workday:

  • We work as the only medical professional in the building caring for both students and staff.  We are the first to respond to a medical emergency. 
  • On a daily basis, our duties consist of caring for those who are acutely sick and injured on top of scheduled nursing procedures, such as tube feeds, diabetic care, catheterizations, and medication administration.  
  • We provide educational lessons on growth and development and infection control to students, and individualized education when it comes to nursing topics (wounds, injuries, hygiene, etc.). 
  • We track immunizations on all grade level students as well as perform hearing and vision screenings on Pre-K, KG, 1st, 3rd,  5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th  grade, as well as new students.  Scoliosis screening is also done by nurses at the middle schools. 
  • We attend meetings for the students to advocate for the medical needs that need to be met during a school day and formulate individual health plans for them that are reviewed yearly. 
  • We also train staff for administering medications during field trips and other events, and for getting their CPR certification. 
  • Also important to note, is that 3 of our nurses have been chosen as outstanding staff members of the year in just the last few years.

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