Bring Your Green Challenge

District Joins the Bring Your Green Challenge

Beavercreek City Schools secured green certification for nine of its school buildings after joining the Bring Your Green Challenge 2.0. The challenge asks organizations across the Miami Valley to reduce greenhouse emissions, decrease resource consumption, and curb energy costs. Points are awarded throughout the competition for completing and reporting measurable steps toward those goals. Our district will be earning points in a category for 
students and a category for employees. At the end of the competition, organizations who have earned the highest number of points are eligible for cash prizes.

Students and Staff Participate

At the heart of our district's student participation are Design Thinking courses taught at Beavercreek High School. Environmental challenges are introduced to students who formulate, prototype, and create solutions that can be used in an everyday setting. "There was a lot of excitement among my students when I introduced them to the challenge, more then I have experienced when introducing environmental topics in the past," said Nell Canfield, Beavercreek High School Instructor and a champion of our district's participation in the Bring Your Green Challenge. "We'll get to continue focusing on designs meant to have a positive impact, while also participating in a friendly competition with area schools."

Staff members in each of the district's nine participating buildings are also encouraged to take part. Activities that earn points are usually as simple as watching a video or reading an article online. After completing the activity, staff members are given suggestions or actions they can take to improve the world around them. According to the district's business manager, Greg Thompson, "Everything from using different light bulbs to signing up for a home energy audit." Thompson sees it as a way to encourage district staff members to improve the environment through responsible energy practices. "It makes sense and saves money."

Students and Staff Participate

Thanks to the efforts of students and staff members, Beavercreek High School won the first quarter challenge. The energy-based challenge encouraged practical steps to reduce energy consumption for businesses and organizations. Points were earned for this challenge through a variety of different activities such as monitoring building air quality through the Environmental Protection Agency and analyzing utility usage data.    

Update Febraury 2018

After a concerted effort by students and staff members, Beavercreek High School won the second quarter challenge. The waste-based challenge encouraged organizations to decrease waste output using simple techniques designed for easy implementation. Points were earned by monitoring and reporting trash and recycling pick-ups at Beavercreek High School.  


Update October 2019

Beavercreek High School was recognized for their outstanding work and overall earned the third place prize in the competition's school category. As a result, the district's Design Thinking Labs have been awarded $500 to continue with green initiatives. 

Beavercreek High School earns third place in schools category