Art Students Awarded

Beavercreek High School and Ferguson Hall students were recognized during an awards ceremony at the K12 & Tejas Gallery in Dayton. All work was part of the annual K12 Gallery & TEJAS Staff & Teaching Artist Annual Exhibition that highlights artistic talent of children from across the region.   


Art 1 / 9th Grade

Best in Grade: Keira McDonough, Media: Charcoal, Class: Art 1, Teacher: Mrs. Craun

Most Expressive: Marga Franz, Scratchboard, Art 1, Mrs. Craun

Most Creative Use of Materials: Mercedes Chan, Clay, Art 1 B, Mrs. Peterson

Most Unique: Jayme Hickey, Watercolor, Art 1, Mrs. Craun

Best Technical Ability: Phoebe Burns, Charcoal, Art 1, Mrs. Craun

Honorable Mention: Ella Morales, Acrylic, Art 1, Mrs. Craun


10th Grade

Most Creative Use of Materials: Mackenzie Binkis, Printmaking,Susan Deen

Most Unique: Zainah Amer, Painting, Acrylic, Ms. Coe

Best Technical Ability: Addyson Moore, Photography I, Digital Photograph, Mrs. Broyles

Honorable Mention: Owen Edmunds, Photography I, Silver Gelatin Print, Mrs. Broyles


11th Grade

Best in Grade:Rhiane Turner, Oil Paint, Susan Deen

Most Expressive: Zoe Egbert, Charcoal, Susan Deen

Most Creative Use of Materials: Ethan Walters, AP 2D Studio Art, Digital Photograph, Mrs. Broyles

Most Unique:Cassie Shearer, Art 1, Scratchboard, Mr. Stanforth

Best Technical Ability: Jillian Gruber, Oil Pastel, Susan Deen

Honorable Mention: Amberlei Avery, Painting, Watercolor, Susan Deen


12th Grade

Best in Grade: Jessica Macbeth, AP 2D Studio Art, Digital Photograph, Mrs. Broyles

Most Expressive: Ashley Luncke, Pen, Susan Deen

Most Creative Use of Materials: Na Bui, Painint, Acrylic, Ms. Coe

Most Unique: Lauren Galloway, Painting, Acrylic, Susan Deen

Best Technical Ability: Anya Barrera, Reduction Print, Susan Deen

Honorable Mention: Emily Schneider, Painting, Acrylic, Ms. Coe