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Understanding State Report Card System

The Ohio Department of Education revamped its Report Card System in 2013, and set higher standards for success for both schools and school districts.  The new Report Card system assigns letter grades to a broad range of measures that help families, communities and educators better understand the strengths of each district and school, as well as areas needing improvement. 
The new Accountability System features a number of measures to evaluate the performance of districts and schools throughout the state.  These include: 
  • Academic achievement for all students by grade level and subject compared to national standards of success.
  • Progress, which measures the average annual improvement for each student during the course of a year (Note: This measure was formerly known as "Value Added").
  • Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO), which measures how well a school or district is doing narrowing gaps in reading, math, attendance and graduation rate among students according to socioeconomic, racial, ethnic or disability status
  • Graduation Rate, which measures the percentage of students who enter the ninth grade and graduate.  Data is examined in four- and five-year trend patterns.
  • K-3 Literacy, which measures improvement in reading for students in grades K-3.
  • Prepared for Success, which measures whether graduates are prepared for college or a career.
These designations are now awarded in terms of letter grades, similar to those on students' school report cards.  
In the 2012-13 and 2013-14 school years, no overall district or school ratings were issued.  Only the first four components --academic achievement, progress among students in grades 4-8, AMO and graduation rate -- were assessed.  Progress measures for high school students will appear on the state Report Card in August 2016.  The K-3 literacy measure was added to the Report Card in late 2014, and the Prepared for Success measure will was added in 2016.
The combination of the measures above will eventually be used to determine the rating of each school district and school building.  
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