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Coaching Requirements

The Beavercreek Board of Education requires that all coaches, volunteer and paid, complete and submit verification of completion of the following:
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training - American Red Cross or American Heart Association is preferred.
First Aid for Coaches - Fulfill this requirement through one of the four categories of options outlined below:
   Ohio Department of Education-approved pupil activity program.
   Nationally approved programs
      Select one:
     ● Red Cross (First Aid Health and Safety for Coaches);
     ● American Sport Education Program (Sport First Aid);
     ● National Federation of State High School Associations (First Aid Health and Safety for Coaches).
  College or university courses - Courses must be completed within the past three years and be related to first aid/athletic training.
  Medical licenses - The licenses MD, DO, DC, PA, RN, EMT, and ATC fulfill the first aid training requirement.
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training/Lindsay's Law Training
  Each year, coaches must review the Ohio Department of Health's new video and sign the form on the sidebar. 

Apply for or submit an active Pupil Activity Supervisor Permit via the Ohio Department of Education