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Central Office Staff
Name Title Phone Email
Bobbie Fiori Director of Pupil Services 458-2414
Darleen Hale Administrative Assistant 458-2414
Peggy Mangan Administrative Assistant 458-2424
Stephanie Sainz Administrative Assistant 458-2415
Jennifer Dufresne Administrative Assistant 458-2430
Marti Currier Attendance Officer 458-2459
Lisa Cron Prevention/Intervention 458-2413
Sarah Seilhamer School Counselor 458-2557
Mark Brown School Resource Officer 458-2484
Matt Hickey School Resource Officer 458-2581 or 2317
Rachel Mitchell School Based Mental Health Counselor 458-2311
Jennifer Mills School Based Mental Health Counselor 503-5116
Special Education Supervisors
Name Building Phone Email
Todd Bandow Ferguson Hall, Shaw 458-2334
Mary Ann Fenwick Fairbrook, Parkwood, Out of District 458-2412
Christy King (Vansant) Coy, Trebein 458-2476
Daniel Lewis BHS, GCCC 458-2404
Trisha Rahe Ankeney, Valley, Main 458-2339
Alex Riggs Preschool 458-2553
School Psychologists
Name Building Phone Email
Amy Buzzell BHS, St. Luke 458-2425
Becky Cheney BHS, Main 458-2406
Heather Crago-Weston Coy, Carroll High School 458-2436
Emily Duty Shaw, Fairbrook 458-2418
Allison France Ankeney, Valley 458-2438
Kari MacLennan Trebein 458-2306
Alex Riggs Preschool 458-2553
Dan Trunk Ferguson Hall, Parkwood 458-2423
School Nurses
Name Building   Email
Susan Antkoviak Trebein, Preschool
Tracey Baker BHS, Fairbrook
Lisa Cooper Ankeney, Coy
Gina Cullom Preschool, Trebein
Ann Curry Shaw, Valley
Jennifer Dimeff Ferguson Hall
Catherine Hibbert Shaw, Valley
Lindsey Kathmann BHS
Teressa Lewis BHS, Ferguson Hall, Fairbrook
Melanie McNamee Main, Parkwood
Latisha Newport Ankeney, Coy
Nichole Thomas Main, Parkwood
Preschool 458-2315    
Fairbrook 458-2493    
Main 458-2549    
Parkwood 458-2560    
Shaw  458-2562    
 Trebein 458-2327    
Valley  458-2580    
Coy   458-2533    
Ferguson Hall   458-2344    
BHS   458-2481 or 458-2366    
School Counselors
Name Building Phone Email
Nic Black BHS - last names A-E 458-2472
Julie Smigel BHS - last names F-M 458-2462
Susan Laws BHS - last names N-T, GCCC 458-2485
Robyn Duley BHS - last names U-Z, Spec Ed 458-2473
Kristi Massey BHS - College & CCP 458-2539
Lindsay Danver Ferguson Hall 458-2474
Nikki Dixon Ankeney - last names A-K 458-2511
Barb Voris Ankeney - last names L-Z 458-2510
Lindsay Mann Coy - last names A-K, Spec Ed 458-2479
Beth Siders Coy - last names L-Z, ESL 458-2536
Molly Laravie Fairbrook 458-2494
Mary Rice Main 458-2544
Cassidy DiGiorgi Parkwood 458-2336
Samantha Cornwell Shaw 458-2502
Heather Tate Trebein 458-2324
Debbie Fisher Valley 458-2575
Sarah Seilhamer Preschool 458-2557
ESL Instructors
Name Building   Email
Layla Besson Coy
Todd Bandow ESL Supervisor
Kate Clark Ankeney, Ferguson Hall
Leti De Los Santos Shaw (ESL Coordinator)
Sharon Everhart Fairbrook, Parkwood, Valley
Cheryl Golia Shaw
Kate Guy Trebein, Preschool
Anna Lanzetta Preschool, Main, Shaw
Renee Welna BHS
Coordinators for Homebound Supplemental Instruction
Name Building Phone Email
Sue Bamford Parkwood 429-7604
Yvonne Edwards BHS 429-7547
Josh Baker Coy 429-7577
Joell Mangan Fairbrook 429-7616
Sharma Nachlinger Main 429-7588
Susan Peveler Shaw 429-7610
Dan Schwieterman Valley 429-7597
Brian Shimko Ankeney 429-7567
Johnathan Webb Ferguson Hall 429-7533
Lisa Walk Trebein 458-2300