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Homebound Supplemental Instruction


  • The Parent/Guardian shall make a written or verbal request for Homebound Supplemental Instruction (HBSI) to the HBSI Building Coordinator at the building where the child attends school.
  • The HBSI Building Coordinator will coordinate a meeting with the parent, school counselor, school nurse, and general education teacher(s) to gather initial information regarding the reason for the request, and discuss whether a disability is suspected [504/IDEA]. A follow up meeting will be scheduled to review the evaluation results and discuss the need for HBSI.
  • If the student is found to have a disability and that disability requires HBSI, a final meeting will be scheduled to discuss the procedures that will be followed including the schedule of classes, assignment requirements and timelines, possible accommodations, and communication methods.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Ensure students complete work in between tutoring sessions and that all assignments are completed and timelines are met.
  • Monitor tutoring sessions in collaboration with the HBSI Tutor to ensure sessions are scheduled on a regular basis.
  • Communicate any concerns to the HBSI Building Coordinator.
  • Contact the HBSI Building Coordinator if your child has medical issues preventing him/her from completing work.
  • Be aware of end of quarter and semester dates and makes sure the student has work completed for these deadlines.
  • Stay in contact with HBSI Building Coordinator throughout the HBSI period and initiate communication at least 2 weeks prior to the end of the semester if work will not be completed to devise a plan. (HBSI can only extend 2 weeks after the last day of school if there are hours to complete).
  • Provide new consent form with doctor’s signature when required. Full-time HBSI students must provide a new form each semester. Part-time HBSI students must provide a new form every quarter.
  • Review and sign weekly Student Attendance Sheet provided by the HBSI Tutor.
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If you are interested in becoming a Homebound Supplemental Instruction Tutor, or you need to renew your application for the upcoming school year, email