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November 6th Levy

The Board of Education for the Beavercreek City School district has approved the placement of a 6.2 mill Emergency Operating Levy on the November 6th ballot. 
How Much Will This Levy Cost?  Homeowners can expect to pay $217 a year ($18.09 a month) per $100k of assessed property value.
How Much Money Will This Levy Collect?   If approved by voters, this levy will collect $11.4 million dollars starting in 2019.
What Will The Money Fund?   Money from the levy will fund day-to-day operations such as bus fuel, utilities, salaries.
Will The Levy Fund New Buildings?   No, Ohio law requires that an Emergency Levy only supports a school district's operations.
Why Is This Called An "Emergency Levy"?   It is a designation used by the state of Ohio for this type of levy and does not indicate a financial emergency, crisis, or error.
Does This Levy Ask for New Money?   Yes, this is additional money, it is not a renewal.
Can I Vote Early On This Levy?   Yes, early voting in Ohio begin October 10th, please see the attached lists by county for times and locations.
School Funding and Nov 6 Levy Presentation
Our school district's leadership team presented the first in a series of public meetings devoted to explaining school funding and how it affects Beavercreek City Schools. The presentation also covers important information about the November 6th levy and what it means for our community.
The document used during the presentation is included for you to download and reference when viewing this video. 
If you have a question, comment, or concern about this video or presentation, please click the link below and Beavercreek City Schools will contact you as soon as possible.
Your Board of Education Explains the Need for the November 6th Levy
Early Voting Information
Voter registration deadline:
October 9th
Register to vote online:
You can request an absentee ballot: