November 6th Levy » Levy Questions & Answers

Levy Questions & Answers

We are receiving great questions about the November 6th school levy and what it means for our community. This page will provide answers to some of those questions, please feel free to submit your questions here.  
Is this levy eligible for the homestead exemption? - No, it is not. All levies approved after August 31st, 2013 do not allow property owners to take advantage of the exemption.
The community approved a levy last November, why are you putting another one on the ballot? - The November 2017 levy was a renewal, converted to a substitute emergency levy, for the purpose of creating revenue growth through new construction. It is important to realize this levy was already approved by voters in 2013 - in 2017 it was set to expire.
The November 6, 2018 levy is new and would collect new money to fund day-to-day operations. 
Would this levy be permanent? - No, if approved by voters, the levy would collect for a period of five years. 
What will the district buy or build with the money from this levy? - Money collected from the levy would be used for operating expenses and would pay for bus fuel, instructional materials, utilities, salaries and benefits, etc.  
What will happen if the levy does not pass? - Please see the video and PDF presentation below highlighting some of the reductions that may be necessary.