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From Superintendent Paul Otten

Hello Beavercreek Families and Staff,

After this evening’s regularly scheduled August board meeting, I feel we are one step closer to addressing the district’s needs for additional learning space. 

Our Board of Education realizes the importance of finalizing a master facility plan to meet the needs of our families and the Beavercreek community. Something like this does not happen overnight and requires the input and expertise of many. As a result over a year of research, during tonight’s meeting the board was presented with a comprehensive outline of the research put into the planning process, including assessments of the district’s current facilities, enrollment trends, community engagement and input, and the district’s facility needs, and culminated in a recommendation for a master facility plan by the Community Advisory Team.

The truth is, we are to a time where our budget cannot keep up with our facility needs and rapidly growing enrollment, which will only increase over time. We have stretched our budget as far as possible and significant student enrollment growth is affecting our facilities, far exceeding the district’s ability to just make do without implementing major improvements and additions to the learning spaces to increase capacity. 

Made clear during the presentation is that there absolutely is a need and a cost of “doing nothing” - if we do nothing and stay the course, we will need to continue diverting funds from our daily operating budget on less-than-ideal, temporary fixes, such as trailers. 

The Community Advisory Team, which is comprised of district residents, elected leaders, school staff and local business owners, explained their lengthy and thorough process of considering all options and ultimately made a master facility plan recommendation to the school board. This process took time and candor and I am grateful for their commitment to our schools and our community. 

According to the Community Advisory Team and based on the research they showcased during the meeting, the option with the best return on investment for our community and our students involves the construction of a new high school. This option would address our increasing enrollment and gives all of our students a high school that is suitable to offer modern learning experiences and a technology infrastructure to ensure they are getting the kind of education needed to prepare them for college or the workforce. With this option, we would continue to use all of our existing structures and we would have minimal - if any - disruptions due to construction. In addition to a new high school, there would be facility adjustments that allow for a more balanced distribution of our elementary school population. 

Taking the next steps in the master facility planning process will ensure that the Beavercreek City School District will continue to provide a good value to residents and an excellent educational experience to the students. But, at this point, no decisions have been made. The board of education will take time to process the information that was presented in order to consider formally adopting the master facility plan put forth by the Community Advisory Team during the September board meeting. 

Information as it was presented to our school board can be found here. Please contact me with any questions you may have concerning the master facility plan process. I will also soon be scheduling opportunities for community conversations, and will communicate those dates as soon as they are finalized. As always, we want to keep you informed about your school district and its future because these buildings belong to our community and your input and involvement is critical to the success of this process.


Thank you, 

Paul Otten