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Levy Question of the Day

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March 21

How much aid do our schools receive from the state of Ohio?

Beavercreek City Schools receives $2,990 per pupil. Similar Ohio school districts receive $3,319 per pupil.

March 20
How much does it cost Beavercreek City Schools to educate a child?
On average, it costs Beavercreek City Schools $11,647 to educate one child every year.
March 19
How does House Bill 920 affect our district financially?
Click here for an excellent look at the impact House Bill 920 has on Ohio school districts - thank you to our friends at Kettering City Schools!
March 18
When was the last time Beavercreek City Schools asked voters for NEW money?
March 17
How are the schools spending money? What is it being used for? Our district maintains and updates a Five Year Forecast for the purpose of projecting expenditures and revenues. You can access the Five Year Forecast by clicking here.
Also, Beavercreek City Schools is part of that monitors and reports detailed budget information to the general public. You can access this service from the Ohio Treasurer, Robert Sprague, by clicking here
March 16
If the operating levy is approved, when will I begin paying? Residents that live within the Beavercreek City School District would begin paying in 2020.
March 15
Would the May 7 operating levy be permanent? - No, if approved by voters, the levy would collect for a period of five years. 
March 14
On average, how do my school taxes compare with districts in our area?
You can access and download that information by clicking here.
March 13
My home value is not $100k, how do I calculate how much the operating levy will cost me? The Greene County Auditor, David Graham, has provided an online tax tool to calculate estimated cost of the district's operating levy.
March 12
How much will the May 7 levies cost me? 
The 6.15 mill operating levy will cost $215 for every $100k of valuation.
The 1.0 mill permanent improvement levy is a renewal and passage will not raise your taxes.
March 11
Has the school district made any reductions or cuts before putting these levies on the ballot?
Yes, reductions were finalized and approved by the Board of Education during its February public meeting. Approximately $1.1 million in reductions have taken effect for school year 2018 - 2019 and $2.7 million dollars in reductions will take effect for school year 2019 - 2020. Please see the below PDF for specific reductions.