May 4 - Zero Tax Increase Ballot Issue

On The Ballot
Beavercreek is on the May 4, 2021 ballot for an 8.7 mill 5-year renewal levy.
How Much Will Taxes Increase?
This ballot issue, if passed, will result in a zero tax increase for residents.


What Happens If It Passes?
If it passes, funding provided by the passage of this ballot issue would continue to help fund the day-to-day operations of our schools, such as teachers, technology, utilities, and classroom supplies.
The ballot issue is a request that will help us to continue to create a student-centered, inclusive learning environment through innovative opportunities that inspire and empower all to lead and serve. 


Proposed Eliminations & Reductions if Levy Fails
  • Elementary: art, music and physical education, the instructional day will be shortened, kindergarten will be half day; 
  • Middle School: honors or scholarship courses eliminated, decreased elective options, required study hall and shortened instructional day; 
  • High School: honors, scholarship or AP courses eliminated, decreased elective options and required to take a study hall;
  • Transportation: eliminated for high school students and any K-8 student within a two-mile radius of their school;
  • Pay-to-participate fees  ranging from $50-$600 required for any student K-12 participating in a club, activity, or sport;
  • Field trips, professional development and other contracted services such as student services, security and police support will also be reduced or either fully eliminated; and,
  • Preschool tuition will increase. 
How Much Is The Levy Worth
The levy is worth $18.5 million - approximately 18% of the district's operating budget.


It Is A Renewal - Not Permanent
If the levy is passed on May 4, it will need to be renewed every 5 years by voters or it will expire and the district will lose 18% of its operating budget.