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MISOTAP is a math robot whose name stands for: Math IS Our Thing At Parkwood

MISOTAP is a program for second through fifth grade students that encourages them to become more knowledgeable of their math facts. There are twelve levels to the program. The program begins with addition, then progresses to subtraction, multiplication and then division. Students take a 3-minute timed test several times a week.

The awards for this program are given at the BAOTAP/MISOTAP Assemblies. After passing each step, a student receives a special pencil. After passing level six, the student will be awarded a pin. After completing the twelfth level, the student receives a certificate, a pin and graduates from MISOTAP.

MISOTAP Level Practice Pages

The following links offer resources to Parents in order to help third grade students prepare for State Reading Tests.

Math In Focus Parent Support Videos
Use these videos to support your student's work in math class!
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First Grade 
Learning Addition and Subtraction Facts and Solving Problems
Using Number Bonds  
Learning How to Use Place Value to Add and Subtract
Two-Digit Numbers 
Second and Third Grades  Learning How to Solve Word Problems Involving Addition and Subtraction Learning Multiplication Facts  What Is Mental Math and Why Is It Important? Learning About Fractions
Fourth and Fifth Grades
Learning How to Solve Word Problems Involving Multiplication and
Division Using Bar Models   Learning About Decimals
Learning About Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying
with Decimals
Learning About Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing
with Fractions