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Effective: 2014-2015 school year

Parkwood has made some changes to the BAOTAP program after consultation with students, teachers and parents. The achievement awards will now be spirit sticks on a keychain instead of patches on a shirt. All 1st graders will be given spirit sticks instead of patches starting in the 2014-2015 school year. 2nd through 4th graders are encouraged to switch to this program in 2014-2015. They will receive a keychain as well with the corresponding spirit sticks to represent the patches they have already earned. If your child started a shirt with patches and wishes to continue that instead of switching to spirit sticks, please notify your child’s teacher.

What is BAOTAP?

BAOTAP is a book robot whose name stands for: Books Are Our Thing At Parkwood

BAOTAP is a program designed to encourage reading at home as well as at school. It is for all students at Parkwood, grades 1-5. Students are encouraged to read at home and at school. Students will receive a reading log sheet each month, and parents are asked to initial each book their student reads at home. Click on the links below to access the reading logs for May/Summer and September.
What counts?

Students are expected to only count books that are on their reading level. If a student and adult take turns reading pages or paragraphs that may also count toward a book. Discussion of what they are reading together is encouraged.

First graders may count one chapter book as two books on the reading log.

Second through fifth grade will count the first 100 pages as one book. Each fifty pages after that, will count as an additional book. Odd pages will not be carried over to add up to an additional book.

Magazines articles may be read 3 times and then discussed with a parent/guardian (or a brief summary can be written) and will count as one book.

When are achievement awards issued?

There is an assembly each month to recognize the students who have read books the previous month, particularly those who have reached a goal. A goal is reached for every 50 books read. Students will be given a BAOTAP keychain when they read their first 50 books that can be placed on their book bag. Spirit sticks will be given for every 50 books read until they read 1000 books and then for every 100 books read until they read 2000 and graduate. The class in each grade level that read the most books per student that month will win the “Star Reader” award. A popcorn party will be given to those classes who have 100% participation.

The dates and times for the BAOTAP assemblies will be listed in the Parkwood PREVIEW Newsletter. We really encourage you to come to the assemblies and share in your child’s accomplishments. Children love to see their families at Parkwood!


MISOTAP is a math robot whose name stands for: Math IS Our Thing At Parkwood

MISOTAP is a program for second through fifth grade students that encourages them to become more knowledgeable of their math facts. There are twelve levels to the program. The program begins with addition, then progresses to subtraction, multiplication and then division. Students take a 3-minute timed test several times a week.

The awards for this program are given at the BAOTAP/MISOTAP Assemblies. After passing each step, a student receives a special pencil. After passing level six, the student will be awarded a pin. After completing the twelfth level, the student receives a certificate, a pin and graduates from MISOTAP.

MISOTAP Level Practice Pages

The following links offer resources to Parents in order to help third grade students prepare for State Reading Tests.

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