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Past graduates who are looking for a way to bring back memories, remember old faces, and days gone by may still have a chance. Extra copies of yearbooks back through 1990 are available. (Some are available in more limited quantities than others, based on the number of plant over-runs and books ordered but never picked up.*) Call or email the yearbook adviser, Angela Creech, for details before ordering
Cost for past books:
• Books 1990 through 2000: $25
• Books 2001 through 2010: $35
• Books 2011 through 2016: $50
• Books 2017 through 2019: $90
Mail  to be added to the list. Add $15 to the cost for shipping/ handling/insurance for one book.
*Books are held for one full school year following graduation. After that point in time, they can be made available to other purchasers.