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Scheduling for 2021 - 2022

All links and handouts for Scheduling for 2021-2022 can be found below
Purple scheduling worksheets AND course request sheets (Orange, yellow or green papers) need to be returned to advisory teachers. 
Virtual students-- scroll down to view your section on how to enter your requests. 
View the Scheduling Video shown in Advisory by clicking here
Copies of the Course request sheets can be found below
Copies of the Credit Check Worksheets can be found below:
Copies of the Scheduling Worksheet used to plan your school day can be found below
The 2021-2022 Program of Studieis where students can read a description of each course offered and review any prerequisites the classes may have. Click on the words above "2021-2022 Program of Studies" to bring up the document. 
Current Virtual Students
-You will receive a copy of your transcript in the mail. Feel free to use the Credit Check worksheets (linked above) to check your progress. 
-We would recommend you print off the correct grade level Course Request sheet (linked above) and use it to determine your classes for next year. At this time, base your levels off of your current Edmentum courses (ex: if you are in Scholarship English now, pick Scholarship English for next year)
-Please review the program of studies (found in the menu) to see all course options. 
-Use the Scheduling Planning Worksheet (linked above)to be sure you have enough courses chosen.
-When ready, complete the google form that will be sent out to you from your TSA. This is where you will enter your course requests for next year. Your counselor will then handle putting them into the online portal for you. 
Virtual Students Click here for google form. You must be logged in to your gocreek account. 
-If you have any questions about scheduling or the overall process, please reach out to your counselor. 
Senior Work Program Information-
If you will be a senior next year and are interested in one of the work program options, please see below for more information.
If you are on an IEP and are interested in the work program, send Mrs. Duley an email so she can get you the information (it is slightly different than the below programs). 
Students interested in the following courses must complete an application AND be accepted.
Student Council
Peer Listening 1 and 2
Link to Online Portal for entering Course Requests: