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What Parents Have to Say

We asked some of our families about Title I reading services and if it has helped improve their student's reading skills.
My son went from having zero confidence and not wanting to even try to read, to reading easy chapter books in less than 3 months! Including December and a quarantine.
Our son really struggled with reading before the school year began. He could only recognize a few words and would get frustrated when asked to read. But thanks to the Title 1 Reading Recovery program, our son is reading multiple small storybooks each and every day. He now loves to read and looks everywhere for words and sentences he recognizes. The Title 1 Reading Recovery program is truly a blessing and was absolutely key to our son's success in school.

Where can I start....my child was significantly behind when he started KG last year at Parkwood. His teacher immediately flagged him for needing extra help in reading....he made so much progress throughout the school year I was so impressed. Then of course COVID happened and we saw some regression with his academics through last summer. But this school year he has made so much progress, I am so grateful for the Title I Reading Recovery program. My son absolutely loves his reading teachers, they have impacted his life so much. And honestly, I credit them 100% with my son’s reading success. He absolutely loves to read books, before it was like pulling teeth to try to get him to even open a book! He is constantly searching for sight words, sounding out words that he doesn't know, and has a genuine excitement for going to school every day.


When I originally got the referral for my son to start the program, it was disheartening knowing he needed additional help. We always suspected him of being behind but actually hearing it from the school was hard, but honestly, I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. My son has grown in leaps and bounds because of this program!


My child loves to read since starting reading recovery. He now has self-confidence when reading.


We entered a new district in 1st grade with the belief that our son was on target. We soon found out what we had been told by his previous district wasn’t accurate. He was struggling more than he wanted us to know. He started Title 1 just before the start of the pandemic and every day came home excited to practice his skills Mrs. S taught him. We have seen him grow in his assurance and belief he can continue to grow. He no longer shies away from sounding out words or asking for help. We truly believe this is because of Title 1 and the extra love and attention.


The Fairbrook student's reading has improved in such an amazing way. Something they once really hated, they now find themselves wanting to read to their parents each night. They were so far behind most other students, and being in a classroom setting made it hard for them to get the needed help. They would cry whenever they would get stuck on a word and start shutting down. Title 1/Reading Recovery has helped them in more than one way. It has boosted their confidence, also it has helped them understand the content which they are reading, and lastly, it has opened up their world. The Title 1 Reading Program helps provide these children a way to improve themselves and help their success in the future. Ultimately, it allows them to grow into a productive member of our society. The program allows these children to read all different types of stories and topics. Our child is proud to share their learning/reading experience with family and friends. Reading is a fundamental ability and necessary to be successful in life. Title 1/Reading Recovery has been life-changing for our child and our family. Thank you.


Title 1 has been absolutely wonderful for my son. He was recently pre-diagnosed with Dyslexia and he needs that one-on-one extra reading help! He brings home his Title I books every night and he reads to us. It has been such an important part of his learning experience this year.


My son was in Title during all of his first-grade year. He began in a small group and then went into Reading Recovery. I am so grateful as a parent and teacher in the district that my son was able to have this experience. The close attention from a highly skilled reading teacher was exactly the boost my son needed. He was able to build up his confidence and independence as a reader. He is now reading on grade level in the 4th grade and I am so proud of his hard work. I truly believe that Title 1 and Reading Recovery are imperative services for the primary grades.


Has totally gotten my daughter into reading outside of the classroom, she started off slowly this past year but luckily Mrs. Gilding and Mrs. Shively recognized that my daughter would benefit from the extra attention and love given to her. So since September, she has done a complete 180, from struggling with basic words to being able to read sentences and multiple lines and going onto pages now. We are very appreciative of this class, it has been a huge difference in our kid's life so far this year.


Our son was significantly behind his peers in reading as he entered first grade. Trebein Elementary staff suggested intervention using Title 1 specialist Amber Salyers. We noticed significant improvement within a few months. The tools that Mrs. Salyers gave us to use at home in addition to her classroom efforts have been critical to our son's ability to read. He can now understand math word problems where he couldn't even start before. I believe that Title 1 is a life-changing service for at risk students and early intervention can save a child from struggling for their entire school experience.


My children’s reading has vastly improved with the Title 1 /Reading Recovery Program. I’m very impressed. I am sure that children with developmental delays, like my children, greatly benefit from it and it would negatively impact their school experience if it is taken away. My children are more cooperative and more enthusiastic about reading with Ms. Gilding than with their own mother. Thank you very much for all you do. My family is very grateful for how you help my kids read, they are so much more confident and are not as frustrated.


He loves this program and he started loving reading.


The Title 1 reading program has been a wonderful resource for my son. He has struggled with reading and gets frustrated very easily with new material. His reading teacher has given him tools to learn and work through his challenges. We are fortunate to have had the Title 1 reading program available at his school.


Last week, my second grader brought home a chapter book three reading levels from where he started in August. The joy our whole family, he especially, experienced hearing and watching him read was an absolute blessing. Title 1 services have helped him tremendously and we are so grateful.


My son has really came a long way with the great help of his title 1 Reading teacher!!


My child struggled with understanding and confidence in reading. Since starting Title 1 I have seen a whole new child. She loves to read and try to challenge herself with new words and books. Reading has become a favorite pastime rather than a stressful experience. She is so much more confident in herself because of Title 1 reading.


Our daughter struggled reading basic words. In just a few months in the Title I program, her reading has vastly increased. We are blessed that this program is in place to help our daughter. We are a military family and we believe the constant moving in the last few years had contributed to some of the reading struggles. The individuals that run this program have given our daughter a newfound love for reading and we cannot thank them enough!


My 1st grader struggled with reading. After starting Title 1 she was so excited to read to me and her siblings every night. She sings the phonics songs she has learned and seeks out her hunks and chunks in every story she reads. Title 1 has had such a great impact on her.


My child was struggling with reading and writing. We tried everything we could at home but it wasn't working. He entered the Title 1 program in 1st grade and it became one of his favorite parts of his school day. The Title 1 program gives children the extra individual time and attention they need to jump-start their reading and writing. My child would be lost without this much-needed program and wonderful support from the Title 1 instructors and school.


My daughter was in kindergarten last year. After school going to virtual learning last year due to COVID she fell behind in reading. I felt like her being in the title 1 reading groups helped her get a lot of the time back she missed at the end of her kindergarten year and helped her to become more confident in her reading. Reading is no longer a battle with her and has become something she truly enjoys!


Our child has loved the extra time spent in “reading class.” She has shown more confidence in her reading since starting, less frustration, and enjoys her nightly reading much more since starting to work with this group.


I cannot imagine where I would be without title one. I remember feeling very frustrated and insecure about my inability to read. I was put into a program called title 1 that would help me learn to read and strengthen my skills. My teacher was Mrs. Spatz. She immediately made me feel comfortable. This was important because I was so insecure when it came to reading. She used special strategies with me that I could comprehend better than what I could in my regular classroom. I went from not being able to read to actually reading! She then worked closely with me to actually comprehending what I was reading. I thought reading was just words on a page. Mrs. Spatz taught me how to read those words and understand them. I never enjoyed reading because it was so difficult for me but Mrs. Spatz taught me how to read stories and I really enjoyed them! I could read and understand them! I loved getting to go title 1! She changed my life forever. She was so patient, comforting, and kind to me when I was in a very fragile stage of reading. I was really sad when I graduated from title 1 because I loved my time reading with her. I went onto passing my third grade reading test. I am a former student of the title 1 program, of Mrs. Spatz and because of her and this program, I am reaching all my academic goals. I am a straight A, high honor roll student, that couldn’t read. Mrs. Spatz is the most influential teacher in my life. She gave me the gift of reading but also of perseverance and confidence. With any skill, you need the confidence to use it! I can’t even imagine where I would be without the Title 1 program and Mrs. Spatz. I still stay in touch with her celebrating all my milestones because she made it all possible through this very crucial and important program. I wouldn’t have the success I have without being able to read. Reading is a life skill everyone should have access to. Title 1 is a necessity, not an option. Thank you for taking the time to read this.