Graduation Seal Information

Students in the graduating classes of 2023 and beyond must do three things in order to receive their diplomas: 

1. Earn the required course credits

2. Show competency on state tests for ELA and Algebra 1 (competency is based on test score)

3. Earn at least 2 diploma seals 

This page is designed to be the main location for diploma seal information.  Students can contact their counselor if they have questions regarding course credits and/or competency scores.  

COMING SOON We hope to add a google form for students to complete any time they believe they have met the requirements for any seal. This will prompt their counselor to go in and verify that it was completed.

Click Here for an overview of all 12 diploma seals

For the Community Service Seal, there are three forms students must print out, complete and turn in (see below). 

1. Before starting any community service, the proposal form must be completed and turned in to your counselor for approval. 

2. The log of hours should be completed as volunteer hours are accumulated. 

*It is intended that students complete all 60 hours with the same organization if possible.

3. The Final Reflection should be completed after all 60 hours are completed. 

Click here for Community Service Seal Forms- Must complete and turn in all 3 forms

For the Student Engagement Seal, students must participate in three units of a school sponsored activity and document each unit using the below form. A "unit" consists of anything eligible for a PE waiver, student government, or any club/activity that is school sponsored and has an advisor. Students must participate in at least 80% of the activities in order to be eligible. 

For each activity, students must print off the below form, fill it out and have their advisor sign off on it. 

Click here for the Student Engagement proof of participation form (Must complete 3 of these)

For the Fine and Performing Arts Seal, students have two options:  

1. Students can complete three credits in fine or performing arts at BHS (band, choir, art, or acting) with a grade of C or higher.

2. Students can also choose to complete the one required credit of fine arts (with a C or higher) AND participate in two outside opportunities in that area. Example: Youth Orchestra, OMEA, art shows, community theater, etc. Proof of participation for the outside opportunities must be provided (ex: program with your name in it, signed letter from a director, etc). 

The below form has both options listed, students complete the option that applies to them. 

Click here for the Fine/Performing Arts seal participation form