Physical - FinalForms Information


  • All athletes, grades 7-12 and high school band/color guard/percussion ensemble (band-related) members are required to have a valid OHSAA PPE Physical on file in FinalForms in order to participate in Beavercreek athletics and/or band.

  • Athletes and band-related members may not participate in practices, scrimmages, or games until all forms are completed, electronically signed, and submitted.

  • Physical form is valid for 13 months after the date of the physical exam.

  • Physical form is valid for each sport until it expires; no need to submit a new physical for each sport.

  • Please make a copy of all forms for your records.

  • You will have access to view the forms once they are uploaded to FinaForms.


Please read the instructions for completing and submitting High School and Middle School Physicals, below, before setting up your account.

To access the FinalForms website and set up an account, please visit

Completing High School and Middle School FinalForms Accounts:

To ensure that your student-athlete's/band-related member's FinalForms account and physical are complete and valid:

  1. Parent must follow the link above to set up an account for each student-athlete/band-related member.

  2. Note: Choose the sport(s)/band-related activity of interest so that the respective coach/advisor may see your student's interest in their sport/band.

  3. Once the parent portion is signed and complete, the student needs to complete and sign.

  4. Upon completion of all forms (icons are all green), select the last form of the list "OHSAA PPE Physical (For Physicians)".

  5. Print all five pages of the "OHSAA PPE Physical (For Physicians)" form.

  6. Take the five-page PPE Physical to your physician/clinic for an exam.


Submitting Completed Physical Forms:

Note: Physical forms without the following information will not be accepted:

  • The athlete's name

  • The date of the exam

  • The eligibility status must be indicated (Eligible/Limited/Not Cleared)

  • The doctor's signature and address/phone number stamp

You have two options for submitting physicals:

Option 1 - Upload the two-page physical form directly to your student's account:

Document Upload Instructions (you can upload from a computer or a mobile device

  • Important: Name your file as indicated below before uploading:

  • Last name, First name Date of Exam Graduation year

i.e., Athlete, Sammy10-27-2020 Grad 24

Upload the forms from your computer:

  • Click the Envelope icon under the "Actions" to the right

  • Click the "Choose File" button, locate the file on your computer, then upload.

  • Be sure the file is a DOC, PDF, JPG, or PNG.

Upload the forms from your mobile phone or tablet:

  • Click the Envelope Icon under the "Actions" to the right

  • Click the "Choose File" button, take/locate your photo, and upload.

  • Be sure the photo is clear and well-lit.

NOTE: If the upload option is chosen, there is no need to send the form directly to the Athletic Office.

Option 2 - Submit the two-page physical form directly to the athletic office:

If you have already uploaded forms directly into a FinalForms account, skip this step.

*If participating in Athletics Only (three choices):

  • Choice 1: Scan and email the two doctor-signed pages to

    (Please type "Sports Physical: Last Name, First Name Date of Exam Grad Year" in the subject line). i.e., Athlete, Sammy 10-27-2020 Grad 24

  • Choice 2: Fax it to Deanna Fecher at (937) 429-7639.

  • Choice 3: Hand-carry to the BHS Athletic Office.

*If participating in Band Related Only (two choices):

  • Choice 1: Scan and email the two doctor pages to

    (Please type "Band Physical - (Student Name)" in the subject line).

  • Choice 2: Hand-carry to the BHS Band Office.

*If participating in both Athletics and Band Related:

  • Submit to both and using the directions above for both athletics only and band-related only.