Reporting an Absence

Parents must call the FH office attendance line (937-429-7533) and press 1, or email when their child is going to be absent from school. Parents must provide the name of student, reason for absence, phone number, and relationship to student for the student to be marked as an excused absence. Parents may also provide a note the following day if the student was not called in for their absence.

There are three main types of absences: medically excused; parent excused; and unexcused.

Medically Excused

A medically excused absence requires a doctor’s note listing all dates missed.

*Parents and Students must follow CDC and Greene County Public Health guidelines for any Covid-19 related diagnosis or suspected diagnosis. Please be sure to adhere to physician’s orders and district protocol prior to sending your child back to school.

Parent Excused

When a parent calls or brings a note to school, the absence is counted as “parent excused.” 10 parent excused absences are allowed each school year. After 10 parent excused absences, medical documentation is required for any additional absences to be excused. Medically excused absences do not count toward this limit.

The following are acceptable excuses for absence; the principal must approve other excuses.

  1. Personal illness

  2. Family illness necessitating presence of child

  3. Quarantine of home

  4. Death in the family

  5. Work at home necessitated by absence or incapacity of parent or guardian

  6. Observation or celebration of holiday

  7. Out of state travel (up to 24 hours) for a district approved extra-curricular activity

  8. Medical or dental appointments

  9. Medically necessary leave for pregnant student

  10. Service as a precinct officer at a primary, special, or general election with principal approval

  11. Pre-approved family vacations up to 5 days

  12. Pre-approved college visit

  13. Others as reviewed and approved by the Superintendent

Students will have 3 days after their absence to bring in a note if they have not been called in, after that, it is considered unexcused.

Unexcused Absences

  1. Overslept (child or family member)

  2. Missed the bus or running late

  3. Car trouble

  4. Family vacations without prior approval or more than 5 days

  5. Student refusal

  6. Suspensions

  7. Personal or appointment (without further clarification)

Vacation Procedure

Parents will be required to fill out a vacation form when a student is going to miss school due to a vacation (See vacation form online. State law allows 5 excused vacation days per year.) This absence must be pre-approved 5 days in advance of the vacation. It is the student’s responsibility to discuss this absence with teachers and make arrangements for missed work and assessments.