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PTO Board Position Descriptions

  • President: Shall be the chief executive officer, shall preside over all meetings, supervise executive and administrative duties, and implement all plans and policies.

  • Vice-President: Performs the duties of the president in his/her absence, is the keeper and maintainer of the PTO constitution and by-laws, upholds rules of order during meetings, counts ballots/votes.

  • Treasurer: Custodian of all financial records and accounts, maintains budget and detailed records of all receipts and expenditures, disburses and receives funds.

  • Secretary: Takes detailed minutes of each meeting and submits them for approval, posts relevant information through a variety of sources to reach as many members as possible, writes and receives correspondence.

  • Historian: Maintains a history of all information relevant to the workings of the PTO to provide continuity for executive board members and chairpersons.

  • Fundraising Coordinator: Responsible for the soliciting and collecting information from fundraising companies, creating and coordinating a fundraising calendar for each school year. 

  • Volunteer Coordinator: Responsible for the collection and dissemination of all volunteer information, solicits volunteers for PTO-related events and activities.

For any questions about the PTO, please email Meghan Morgan, President, at

Volunteer Information

We welcome your participation from donating items, to volunteering for PTO positions/duties, and attending committee planning or PTO meetings. Each person's help is welcomed and sincerely appreciated. To learn more about how you can get involved, please email Handan Kilbourn, Volunteer Coordinator, at

Below is a listing of the events and activities we have planned for the current school year:

Back to School Bash (August)

  • Assist with activities for the Back to School Bash.

Fall Harvest Festival (September)

  • Assist with planning and activities for the Festival.

Book Fairs (September &/or April)

  • Assist with book fairs, one in fall and one in spring.

Fun Run (September/October)

  • Assist with all activities for Fun Run.

Holiday Shoppe (November/December)

  • Assist with activities and vendors.

Everybody Counts (Sporadically Throughout the Year)

  • Assist with teaching students about disabilities.

Field Day (May)

  • Assist with Field Day activities for students.

5th Grade Party (May)

  • Assist with 5th grade sendoff/last day party.

Teacher Appreciation (Monthly Throughout the Year)

  • Assist with donations and/or volunteers for monthly appreciation events.

Junior Achievement (Throughout the Year)

  • Assist teaching Junior Achievement lessons.

Military Liaison (Throughout the Year)

  • Assist with Veterans’ Day & Purple Up activities.

Social Events (Sporadically Throughout the Year)

  • Assist with planning various social events, like Skate Night and the Family Dance.

 If you are short on time but still want to help the PTO efforts, you can always send a tax deductible donation. The Paypal address is  Or, you can make your check payable to Trebein PTO and give the check to staff at Trebein or one of the executive officers, or email for further details.

For any questions at all about the PTO, please email Meghan Morgan, President, at