Borrowing Policies

Because most of the books and IMC materials throughout the District are purchased from funds provided by taxpayer dollars, specific guidelines have been established concerning the care and timely return of materials loaned to students.

Students are encouraged to borrow books from their school IMC and take those books home to read and study.  They are also responsible for returning them by their due date so other students have a chance to use them. 

Students with overdue items will not be permitted to check out additional materials until overdue items are returned. 

If a child loses IMC materials, his or her parents will be required to pay to replace the items in a timely fashion.  In-kind donations of similar materials cannot be accepted, since they do not meet the durability standards of public libraries.

If items are not returned or paid for by the end of the school year, the student’s report card or transcripts may be withheld until the item(s) are returned or payment is made.