Welcome to Beavercreek City Schools. I am proud to lead an accomplished district that is regarded as one of the very best in Ohio.

Throughout my career in education, I have always been an enthusiastic advocate for the education and wellbeing of children. It is my duty, as the superintendent of the Beavercreek City School District, to continue that focus so that all students experience academic success and social enrichment through opportunity. These opportunities exist in the district’s diverse academic offerings and varied extra-curricular activities. There is a place for all students at Beavercreek City Schools to learn, grow, and prepare for the challenges of the 21st century.

It has been my experience that community involvement creates a healthy learning environment in its schools-that will continue! Beavercreek residents and stakeholders take great pride in knowing their school district is an example many strive to emulate. In the spirit of cooperation and collaboration, I welcome community involvement as a means to elevate our district to new heights of achievement and success.

The administration and staff of Beavercreek City Schools is here for you. I work beside them to create and maintain a school district worthy of our community’s high expectations. We believe there is nothing more important than providing a quality education that prepares our young people to be the leaders of tomorrow. The future is coming; our students will be ready and our community will thrive.


Paul Otten


Donna Magnotta

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent