Welcome to Student Registration

Susan Groves - Central Registrar

Susan Groves

We are excited to include your family as part of our school community and hope to make your transition as easy as possible.

2022 - 2023 School Year:

Grades KG - 12

Registration is now available for the 2022-2023 school year by appointment only. Please try to limit the number of people attending the registration appointment   Please follow the enrollment process below to complete the registration process. 

If you have withdrawn your student and wish to re-enroll them, please follow the enrollment process outlined below. 

Enrollment Process 

1. Click here (OneView) to begin the online enrollment process by creating a parent account in OneView (If you already have a OneView account with Beavercreek City Schools, please log in to that account).  After creating an account and logging in, please select the "New Student Registration" option and complete forms for each child individually. (even if your student shows up in OneView, please select "New Student Registration")

2. Once you have submitted your new student enrollment information online, please click here to create a new account (this is different from your OneView account as it is a separate system) and schedule your appointment to drop off your child’s required documentation (see below).

3. Attend your enrollment appointment at the Board of Education located at 3040 Kemp Rd., Beavercreek, OH  45431. Please bring the following required documentation to this appointment (copies will be made of your documents and the originals will be returned to you during the appointment):

  • Original/Certified Birth Certificate, Passport or Birth Record (no other documents are acceptable)

  • Custody documents if applicable (appointing custody, residential parent, etc.)

  • Adoption paperwork (Birth certificate listing adoptive parents or a copy of adoption decree)

  • Immunization Records

  • Parent/Guardian must provide government-issued I.D.

  • Proof of Residence:

    • AES (DP&L), (CenterPoint Energy) Vectren or Water bill in its entirety (must include name) the bill cannot be more than 60 days old – No other bills are acceptable

    • If a utility bill is unavailable:

      • A new rental/lease agreement signed by the parent/guardian and the person or company renting the property can be used for initial registration (lease in effect for less than 45 days); however, a utility bill must be provided to the student’s school within 30 days of enrollment.

      • Closing Documents including property address and signed by both the parent/guardian and the seller can be used for initial registration (if less than 45 days); however, a utility bill must be provided to the student's school within 30 days of enrollment.

      • A Residence Affidavit (Must be on our form) is required if the student meets any of the following criteria:

        • Student is 18 years of age or older and is living with someone, other than parent/guardian, within the district.

        • Student (less than 18 years of age) and parent/guardian are living with a family member or friend who resides within the district.

      • A Superintendent Agreement form is required if any of the following criteria applies:

        • Parent/Guardian is in the process of building, purchasing or renting a home and is not physically residing at the address until after the registration process; a signed purchase contract or lease is still required and must show the approximate move-in date.  Per ORC, the occupancy date cannot exceed 90 calendar days from the student's first day of school.

  • For Placement Into 4th Grade:  Students who attended 3rd grade in an Ohio public school OR students who were awarded an EdChoice or Cleveland Scholarship to attend a chartered nonpublic school, please provide a copy of the student's Third Grade English Language Arts Ohio State Test, showing promotion criteria was met. 

  • For Grades 7 – 12, please provide most recent grades or transcript.

  • If your student has an IEP, please bring a copy along with the ETR.

  • If your student has a 504 plan, please bring a copy.

4. We will provide you with a Welcome Packet with all of your necessary information.

Nonresident Policy

Only students who reside within the boundaries of the District--or whose parents are employed by the District--are eligible to attend Beavercreek City Schools.  If you are unsure of whether you live within the boundaries of the District, please call the District Administrative Offices at 937.426.1522.

 If you have any questions during the registration process, please contact me at 937-458-2400 or by email.