Continuous Improvement

Beavercreek City Schools will pursue the following Continuous Improvement Strategies to demonstrate its commitment to education, community, and leadership in its schools:


A. Prepare Each Child for Lifelong Learning

Build a partnership among educators, parents, and the community to actively engage each student in a comprehensive and effective educational program and commitment to lifelong learning.

B. Create and Improve Access to Support Programs

Equip students for life through balanced participation in and access to high-quality and diverse support programs and services.

C. Assure Professional Development of Each Employee

Promote a positive, student-centered learning environment through the professional development of each employee.

D. Improve Schools as Communities

Promote a sense of belonging among students in a healthy learning environment by involving educators, students, and parents.

E. Develop Partnerships

Develop partnerships with our publics to support all aspects of education as a shared community value.

F. Promote Student Success Through Active Communication

Consistently provide accurate and specific information to staff, students, and residents, promoting our district's achievements and successes.