Beep beep! Make way for another #TBT! This memory is from 2017 when seven Beavercreek bus drivers competed in the West Region School Bus Rodeo! What a wonderful reminder that our drivers always go the distance for our students! 🚌 #BcreekSchools
10 months ago, Beavercreek City Schools
Last month, fourth-grade students at Fairbrook Elementary received a visit from one of the owners of Jubie's Creamery. She spoke about entrepreneurship and owning an ice cream shop. Students received an assignment to make their own ice cream flavor and one flavor, BOOM SHACKA LACKA, debuted for a limited time! The delicious flavor quickly sold out. What a legen-DAIRY idea!
11 months ago, Beavercreek City Schools
chocolate ice cream
On the last day of school, Fairbrook Elementary fifth-grade students walked the hallways one final time and the entire building applauded the class of 2028 to wish them the best of luck in middle school. Parents greeted their students outside and joined in on the celebration.
11 months ago, Beavercreek City Schools
fairbrook last day of school
Fifth-grade students at Main Elementary had a fun end to the school year. From field day to fun fest outdoor activities to a graduation clap-out walk, students made some great memories during their final days of elementary school!
11 months ago, Beavercreek City Schools
5th grade students at main elementary eating lunch
teachers covered in colored string
Here's your weekly reminder to keep moving forward!
11 months ago, Beavercreek City Schools
It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop. Confucius quote.
Does this memory ring a bell? 🔔 This #TBT features our Parkwood Handbell Choir performing for our Board of Education during the 2016-2017 school year!
11 months ago, Beavercreek City Schools
parkwood handbell Choir
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